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Ms. Ana
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The Little English Schoolhouse
The Cause,The Artist,The Lighthouse
We started a project with Ricardo in hopes that it will give the school a chance to
generate a small income to help keep it going.
We are crafting ceramic pieces dedicated to the lighthouse, and selling them. All the
items are originally designed by the schools creator, our own Ms. Ana and Ricardo.
It is a really good cause and a wonderful gift to take home. 100% of the sales will go
back into the project and the school! We hope to give the school a lasting chance by
making it somewhat self-sufficient.
Thank you for supporting Puerto Morelos.
Ricardo Arias Alcantara is a local painter and ceramics Artist.
He has won 2 first place awards for Best Artisan in Quintana Roo.
You can see his work on business fronts and wall murals in our town and his ceramics are
sold in major hotels throughout Quintana Roo.
The leaning lighthouse (El Faro Inclinado) is our local landmark. A severe hurricane in
Puerto Morelos; one of the most notorious was Beulah (Biula) in 1967. It badly damaged
the lighthouse, causing it to lean to one side.
You can pre-order through Contact Us.
The Making of the molds
for the bowls