The Little English Schoolhouse
The Little English Schoolhouse Project was established in fall of 2008 with Frank
Reams as the Administrator and Janet Anne McDonald as the teacher.   The purpose
of this program was to provide free and low cost English lessons to the children of
Puerto Morelos and instill in them a desire to continue learning English as a second
language.  English is an essential skill for employment in the tourist based
occupations of this area.  English lessons in commercial schools are priced far beyond
the affordability of our target group.
Two years ago our teacher, Anne, was approached by the Kindergarden Principito to
teach English to their 4 classes: Maternal, Kinder 1, Kinder 2 and Kinder 3.  Anne
designed and implemented the program and the school decided to fund this program
goal of providing quality English instruction and creating enthusiasm in the children to
learn English, Unfortunately, a significant amount of the parents still could not
manage to pay the $40 pesos a month per child.
It is the success of that program and the difficulty of funding that has inspired
PROJECT 2013 - 2014

“5 Schools – 5 Days”
Our goal is to offer fun and interactive English classes for free to encourage a
lasting and enjoyable experience.
There are 5 kindergartens in Puerto Morelos and the Colonia Zetina Gazca.
We propose that our English teacher visit each of the schools one day a week,
providing English lessons to the children.
There will be 4 classes a month for each group
The classes will be one hour for each group.
Group learning is a proven method of teaching, not only do the children bond in
friendships of the same interest but it is successful in reinforcing the curriculum.
We feel that beginning English at these young ages will give the students the basics
and the interest to continue their language skills.  
In addition to the English program we will continue the related activities including
the highly successful quarterly town festivals that we have been organizing over the
past year and the Puerto Morelos Idol Competition.  Additionally we will continue our
work with our social services organization, DIF, in collecting and distributing needed
items for the community.
Funding for this program will rely on outside donations from international support.
We take this Project very seriously and it is one that will set the bar for future
You could help a school:
Your corporation, your club, your church or a combination of could sponsor a
It will only take $1200 a year for each school.
For a look at the Lesson plans and materials
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The Little English Schoolhouse would like to sponsor an achievement awards program
We have colored pencils, crayons, markers, coloring books and other fun stuff; to
make gift bags.
We would like to give the children a gift for applying themselves and excelling in
their studies and achieving above average goals.
1 student for class, first through sixth, every three month session: September to
January to March
April to June
The teacher of each class will be responsible for the selection of the child.
The Little English Schoolhouse has received interest from schools in Canada and the
Students from Canada and the US will write to our students in Spanish and we will
respond in English. The subjects will be about the  different countries, cultures,
and their interests.
These programs have been very successful in introducing and encouraging children to
embrace different cultures while learning a second language and developing
friendships that can last a lifetime.
This is a great project to introduce English into the classroom and apply it to our
existing curriculum as an extra motivation.