Ms. Ana
The classes are built in groups. Group learning is a proven method of
the same interests, but succeeds in strengthening the curriculum.
The Free Introductory English
Ms. Ana and The Little English Schoolhouse would like to continue The
Free Introductory English Classes in the Home School.
We have found it difficult too impossible to arrange a stable schedule
in the Library, which is extremely important for developing a course.
But...we are going to try to make it happen again!

Pen Pal Program
The Little English Schoolhouse has received interest from schools in
Canada and the United States to participate in a pen pal program
between students.
Students from Canada and the US will write to our students in
Spanish and we will respond in English. The subjects will be about
the  different countries, cultures, and their interests.
These programs have been very successful in introducing and
encouraging children to embrace different cultures while learning a
second language and developing friendships that can last a lifetime.
This is a great project to introduce English into the classroom and
apply it to our existing curriculum as an extra motivation.  

The Achievement Awards Program
A program to reward primary children for applying themselves in
their studies. You can find the information on the Projects page.

The Library for the Children
The Little English Schoolhouse would like to add a library to
the school.
We have been donated a wide number of different books in
English and we would like to offer their use to the children of
Puerto Morelos.
In the beginning I housed them on shelves in the school office
and stored them in the bodega, alternating them. We need to
get them all in one place for the children!!!
Some of you might ask, Why don't we just donate them to
the library here?
Well, We have offered and the response was less than
enthusiastic, as well as, they don't have the room and they
don't have the staff to accommodate an English section.
So...We will build some shelves in the schoolhouse and we will
invite the children
in the schools to use and enjoy them.
We will also expand the book club and create new activities
like a reading circle.
We need your help.  
Our friend Jim will build it but we need help to buy the
materials. He priced them at Home Depot for $1400 pesos
and the paint will run about $200 pesos.
We hope you can help! Please donate to the left at Make a
Thank you in advance.

I've added the contributors' page to acknowledge those of you that
have helped The Little English Schoolhouse get this far, 2014. I sent
out an email about this so if you didn't receive notice and would like
to be included ,
Also, if anyone has any questions or needs info of any kind,
let us know.
Thank you for your continuing help!
With gratitude,
Ms.Ana- The Little English Schoolhouse

Please check the updated list, on the website, for needed supplies.


A Pay Pal account has been established through this website by the website
owner to serve as a conduit for donations to the school.  We now have a
"Sponsor a Child" Program that can ensure the continuing learning experience of
these students.
This is your opportunity to make a difference in a child's life.  Simply click on
the "Make a Donation" button to the left to make your contribution or if you
are in Puerto Morelos contact Frank to make your donation in person..
For a list of needed supplies please
click here.